Monday, January 20, 2014


All my life has been for the month of January has been smoke, eat, sleep, repeat. I'm starting to cut out the eating. I had an "I'm going crazy, and oh my God I can't fall back asleep, might as well drink gallons of Diet Coke and watch the sun rise."
Luckily, for the month of January, I only have one class to go to.
And it only meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. So it works.

I'm going to hit a brick wall once I start the semester for real though.

I'm living in a new place, my sorority house. It's nice, because our house mom isn't allowed to really buy junk food. On the downside, there is a fully stocked kitchen that now I can't stop thinking about.



  1. omg. one class. i'm jealous. we have exams here!
    there's nothing worse than a fully stocked fridge. it's like all the food there is like "EAT ME. PUT ME IN YOUR TUMMY." and it's so appealing and it's like where do i start where do i end but wait i'm fat i need to lose weight maybe tomorrow cheese and crackers and tuna forever for now

    -Sam Lupin

  2. sorority houses spell death for restriction. even if she's not allowed to buy junk food, there's no escaping the thoughts or judgement from sisters, no matter how amazing they are, sororities are made of girls. girls are girls. i wish you luck hon, keep your head up.


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