Sunday, January 26, 2014

Binge Monstah.

That's what I am.
Yesterday I ate...
-Tons of cheese cubes
-5 crackers
-2 pieces of pineapple
-1 cookie
-5 mini bags of Cadbury Eggs
-2 slices of pizza with bacon and pepperoni
-Bacon and pepperoni picked off of aforementioned pizza
-7 or 8 quinoa pizza bites (quinoa, egg, mozzarella cheese, spices) with pizza dipping sauce
-3 cups of skim milk

Obviously, I gained weight, and I'm back up to 221.4, but I'm not beating myself up. Because this means that my "stable" weight is 221, approximately, which means I can get back down in a matter of maybe a day.

For my birthday (which is a week from Monday, yay!) I want to be hovering around 215-216. Maybe a bit of a stretch, I'd be cool with 217 too.


  1. Hello from a new person who loves you :D I hope you get to 217 for your birthday! That'd be pretty amazing. Eating loads of veggies always helps me not binge!
    Love, Ella

  2. i'm always amazed that when you girls overeat, you'd actually eat fruit or good food. like pineapple. or strawberries. dude, when i overeat, it's a full on pizza fest burger trouble double mush. yum.
    I WANT TO TRY THOSE CADBURY EGGS. they do not exist here. nope. nada.
    i lost it as "quinoa pizza bites" that doesn't even sound
    you can get there, honey. fairly quickly i'm guessing. x

    -Sam Lupin


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