Sunday, December 13, 2015

Things I Don't Understand: Getting back with your ex

It seems to be a common theme lately with any/all guys I've been ... Well, fucking. Okay there's only two of them. But still.

They keep going back to their goddamn ex-girlfriends. One of them, his ex is the reason he went to jail in the first place. The other one has broken up and gotten back with his ex so many times I couldn't even tell you how many. That's how many.

Maybe I'm a bridge-burner, but once you're my ex, that means we're done. Forever. And I'm probably not going to want to associate with you again. Ever.
Granted, at this point in my life I have a total of one ex-boyfriend (who, by the way, randomly blocked me on Facebook this weekend).

I don't get people.
You already made that mistake. Stop fucking making it.

Plus I'm better than your ex anyway.

Monday, December 7, 2015

1 year, 10 months

As of tomorrow, I will be 1 year and 10 months purge-free.
(Not counting when I actually needed to throw up, like if I drank too much, which happens way to often, or if I had stomach flu or something)

It's weird to think about.
Sometimes I still get the urge to, like when I got pizza last Friday night for dinner.
I was thinking about it and thinking about it, like.. Wow this pizza makes me feel awful, but it tastes so good. I could easily just throw it up when I get home.

What stops me every time is that thought that it isn't just a one time thing. It's a compulsion. Once I start, everything has to be purged or it's no good.

Anyway, I'm trying to be healthy and shit. Like 1,500 calories a day or less.
It's hard.
I love sugar. And chocolate. And pizza.
But to be honest with you, after the first couple of bites, it never really tastes that great.
But I have to finish it all, so I might as well just not start

I've been doing yoga a lot. I found this really cool app that was like $4, and it has all these yoga classes on it. Everything from beginner 15 minute classes to super advanced expert classes. It's super calming and I like it. Maybe I told you guys about that already. Maybe not.

I have these two pairs of jeans that I want to be able to wear by the new year. They're not THAT small, but they're small enough that they're super uncomfortable. And I think like minus ten or fifteen pounds and they would fit alright. At least enough that I could wear them to stretch them out a bit.

Sorry, I'm rambling. But whatever.