Tuesday, January 21, 2014


It's really cold today. So cold, that after walking home from class, my inner ears hurt from breathing out of my mouth. And that's because I'm sick and can't breathe from my nose. Ugh.

Thank you all for your beautiful comments! They were absolutely lovely and very surprising and made me smile. :) Yes, living in my sorority house is kind of a bitch because, well, girls. But it's not nearly as bad as some other people probably have it. Only about 17 or 18 people can live in my house (we're a small chapter), and during the month of January only about 10 people are living here. There's only one other girl who's about my size, one who's just a smidge smaller than me, and the rest are all tiny.

As I type this, I have just finished making breakfast: one egg, scrambled, with salt, pepper, and herbes de Provence (70), a single slice of toast with 1/2 tablespoon of fake butter (90), tea and water (both 0). Earlier I had half a cup of apple juice to take my pills with.. So that puts me at 220 at 10:00 AM, which is kind of a lot... But the girl who is my size just ate approximately 2 cups of fried rice and two pieces of toast, each with a tablespoon of butter. So that made me feel good while I sipped my tea.

I think when I wake up from my nap, I'll have a yogurt (80) and we'll see how I feel about eating from there. The more I stay in my room, the less I eat. The less I eat, the more attractive I become.


  1. I had an egg for breakfast too! Though I probably murdered/burnt them, but it was good. And yeah, walking to class in 13 degrees, it wasn't fun. I forgot a hat, my ears were numb. OK, well I'm going to stop ranting about cold and eggs, but can you do anything besides a sitting in the house and food? Is it just that mind numbing down time before classes?

  2. awwwwwwwwww poor Charlie
    THAT FUCKING SUCKS. omg. i'd just die if there are girls that are thinner than me always walking around me. how does that work out that's like torture omg i'm sorry Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarliieeee
    i know how bad that is because i go to a collage where girls have waists that barely exist and are so petite!
    awwwwwwwwwww saaaaad. cry. cry.

    -Sam Lupin
    PS. i'm having Nutella for breakfast. heh.


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