Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I have 72 pounds to go before I'm finally at a "healthy" category BMI... I've never been there before. I've been three pounds away close, but I've never quite been there.


I had four pieces of curry chicken tonight and about two bites of rice. Water with dinner, and two bruschetta toasts (minus the tomatoey bruschetta part). Right now I'm making peanut butter cookies because I was craving something sweet... It was either peanut butter cookies or go to the store and drown myself in ice cream.
I think I chose the better option.

Plus I can leave these cookies for other people to eat.

Fatten these bitches up.

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  1. hey, people have lost 72lbs before.
    funny thing - people have lost 100lbs before. people have lost 90lbs before.
    you can tots lose 72lbs and more if you want. *tries to perk you up* <3 i've lost 83.5lbs. part of it - most of it - done by starving and the other half done by diet (no exercise. i'm a lazy whore.) just to perk you up a bit, my dear. :3 i am at 133.5lbs at my 5'3" height.
    peanut butter cookies.
    if i had those lying around, they'd be in my stomach right now.
    chicken curry is sooooooo GOOD. how did you manage to have so little that's just brill
    for sweet cravings, what i do (to lessen a calorific load) is eat jam. or spread jam on toast. if i'm craving something specific, then i have to have it. no excuses.
    like if i'm craving a pizza, i must have a pizza. substitutions don't work!
    you must find what works for you, my dear xxx
    I LOVE YOU. (a bit more than i love chicken curry fuck)

    -Sam Lupin
    PS. madly craving roasted chicken rn it's not even funny


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