Friday, January 16, 2015


Guys, it is so so SO hard not to just jump on this guy every time I see him. He's like 6'3, so he's almost a whole foot taller than me, and... Ugh. I could listen to him talk about freaking dust mites and still be interested. He has this deep, late-night radio announcer type voice.

He came over last night. Nothing happened, but we slept in the same bed and talked forever. I don't know. I just feel way more comfortable around him than I do my boyfriend. I'm not sure why.
I think I just don't really like my boyfriend all that much, and I never really have.

I'm going through like, severe mood swings right now. It may partially be because I didn't get to the gym today, and it may also be because I don't like this kid, and I have no reason to not like him, or maybe I do. Let's make a list.

-Occasionally considerate
-Got me a really nice Christmas present (not being a materialistic bitch, we both decided we weren't doing presents and he just decided on his own to get one for me and even talked to my friends to see what I'd like)
-Nice enough
-Really likes me, God only knows why

-Considers sex a "requirement" for a relationship
-Sucks at sex (and won't accept coaching, because apparently rapidfire jackhammer pace is what I want all the time, and I don't get a choice. *sarcasm*)
-Constantly pushes for sex without a condom, which, even though I'm on BC makes me really uncomfortable
-Has a lot of double standards
-Will occasionally slap/pinch/grab me in a "playful" way, even though I've told him multiple times that I don't like it and that it hurts more than he thinks it does

It's really hard to be objective about this though.

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