Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Things are okay.

I had my fitness class today, along with a meeting for my senior project. Which I have not started yet. It's due in three weeks. Fuck.

In fitness, we did a spin class today, which is just stationary bikes. It was really hard. I think the most difficult thing about it was how my my freakin' ass hurt! It still hurts, I think that seat bruised my butt bone. I really really REALLY need to unpack and organize my life, but I just don't wanna.. Ugh.

Today, I Ate:
-2 egg whites/1 yolk scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese
-2 pieces of white bread with margarine
-2 largeish raviolis
-1 bag Reese's Pieces
-2 slices of pepperoni pizza
-1 bag of peanut M&Ms
- 2 M&M cookies
-1 sugar-free RedBull

I don't feel like looking up calorie counts right now, and I'm not sorry about it.

@Lee; Yeah, drunk-eating is never a good time. It always seems perfect at the time, then in the morning, it's just like "What have I done??" But the whole drinking and being drunk thing is usually a good time. Someday soon I'm definitely going to have to cut alcohol out of my life. But today is not that day.

@Sam Lupin; I feel you so hard on being a Zumba nut. I'm actually obsessed and it's kind of not okay. But totally okay at the same time. Once I finish cleaning my room, I am going to sit down and watch the fuck out of those videos. Being a year purge-free is really daunting, but I feel so light (I know, ironic, I'm a fatass). That voice in my head that used to always nag me whenever I started feeling even a bit full is almost all but gone now. My teeth are better, my skin is better, I don't get wicked headaches anymore. I feel free. And yeah, the camp weight loss? Five pounds heavier. My clothes were falling off of me at the end of the summer. I had to punch new holes in all my belts. I'm pretty sure it's because of how physical my job is, because I lose weight every summer, but that summer, I never worked out, and I had just come off of a year of starving myself. Which, I guess goes to show you that exercise definitely improves weight loss (or fat loss in this case), but I'm lazy as all hell. P.S. I absolutely fucking love you too. <3


  1. first time I did spinning, my ass hurt too. are you sure you adjusted your bike? I figured out that when I did that, it wasn't as painful and going to 1, 2, 3, 4 etc makes it easier. the more you go to it, the easier it gets. at some point, I went to a spin class and left feeling like I never exercised at all even though I was sweating! it was brilliant.

    literally just finished eating Reese's cups. no joke.

    your intake doesn't look so bad to me. it looks okay. <3

    YES. GOOD. I can't wait until you watch them. and I think that once you get into Zumba, it's just...you're drawn in. no matter what you do, you're drawn in. then you start being excited to go to a class.
    shhhhhhh. you are not a fatass.
    i'm glad you stopped purging. I really am.
    oh my god I want one. I want to be able to punch holes in my belts when i'm five pounds heavier. sadness. currently, i'll take what I can get.
    and with you on exercise improving it. I know a lot of people say the whole "eating lots of protein" thing and whatnot will help too but fuck them. they don't know shit. :3
    I get so annoyed because for like all of last year, I've been trying to get the perfect protein intake - trying to get on the keto band, but I never had so many digestive issues in my life. within a day, I would become so constipated I had to lax up (so I had to lax up every day just to sleep at night. that is NOT natural!).
    i'll go back to my sugar-laden sodium-reduced diet and lift and see what happens. I hope I get some real awesome results so I can be a smug little bitch that has little body fat but eats like a pig. :)


    -Sam Lupin

  2. Spinning sounds amazing. I really want a bike. Maybe I should engineer super-soft seat pads.
    Your intake looks really good, not to mention delicious. I want m&m cookies so bad now.


  3. I get the bruised feeling after spinning. After 4 consecutive spins, it was gone. I love spinning, and I miss it so much right now! I actually woke up feeling like I wanted to spin so much, but it wasn't optional today.



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