Thursday, January 22, 2015

Well, I haven't really lost any weight.

It's been two weeks, I've worked out and that just goes to show you that diet is like 3000% (rough estimate) of losing weight. Out of 14 days, I've worked out a total of 10 of them, which for me is pretty good.

But like, I've gained weight. Maybe from drinking, but who knows. Probably. Or maybe it's all of the ice cream I STUFF DOWN MY THROAT.

That could be it too.

I was embarassingly drunk last night.

I'm kind of over this townie, now I remember why I was kind of meh about him last year.
I'm still going to break up with my boyfriend though.


  1. funny thing - I was just about to go downstairs and get myself a little ice-cream, but I think i'll wait after the clinical exam. but i'm still getting ice-cream. even though I already had some today. ICE CREam.

    oh my god, right? I know what you mean about diet & exercise. le sigh. I have to eat less dammit but I suck at that. I always want bad things.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. mmmmm... Icecream..... I have been craving the proper soft serve kind - but NO ONE is selling them cause they say it is too cold.. WTH! It is never too cold for icecream!


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