Monday, September 5, 2011

Today, in college, I ate...

-1 apple
-1 cup of cottage cheese
-1 cup of mandarin oranges
-3 celery sticks
-1 mini-carrot
-1 cone of pistachio ice cream
-1 bag of regular M&Ms
-1 bag of Lay's barbecue potato chips


I think my tummy's getting a bit smaller.

Heather, you can HAVE these weirdos. They are straaange. I was bonding with another girl on my floor about it.
Also, I love when you make friends with someone from your hometown the first day in college, and then he ignores you for bitchy, super-skinny girls. Coooooool.

I didn't want to fucking chill with you anyway.


  1. Always a good intake! :3
    I personally cannot have a bag of crisps without gaining because I can't stop eating those blasted potatoes!
    Cottage cheese. Woot. I need to get more of that soon.

  2. i really want pistachio ice cream now. dammit. sorry that boy is a skadouchebag. how rude. i hope that girl turns out to be a really good friend for you. always good to have one. stay strong, doll.


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