Monday, September 5, 2011

Need to stop eating, need to stop eating, need to stop...

So I have some friends at college. I don't know how good friends they'll end up being, but for now, they're my girl friends, my party friends, etc.
Unfortunately for me, they're all roommates, and my dorm is at the top of the hill and theirs is at the bottom.
My entire floor is Honors and the girls are... kind of strange. Like, I'm a nerd, totally... but... I don't flaunt it like it's my job. I don't expect boys to like me for my mind (even though they should). I don't make up fake boyfriends (!!! one of my roommate's friends was talking about it last night) and I don't stay in the dorm. I like to party, hahaha (well, I stayed in the dorm last night because I was fucking exhausted).

Now, about my college friends. They are all insanely gorgeous. And not only are they gorgeous, they're those girls who will talk to guys, no problem. They'll talk to anyone no problem, and it makes me kind of jealous.

So I need to stop eating. I need to lose weight.
It needs to happen fast.

Thank you guys for your comments. :)
@kes; I do share a fridge, unfortunately. :( Luckily though, I don't have a car, so it's not super-easy for me to get off-campus to buy food. Whenever I go to the dining hall, I always head straight for the cottage cheese and mandarin oranges, and try to avoid the fries that are there right when you walk in. D:
@Sam Lupin; Thank you for your support. <3
@Heather; We'll do better today. :)


  1. MY ROOMMATES ARE THE EXACT OPPOSITE theyre all like "like omg i party omg im so fat omg i have long hair and im totally a hipster *sparkle sparkle hearts and stars loveee*
    and im just like..............really?
    lol i would give anything to have that life :/

  2. It's no problem, my dear ^__^
    I don't really get dorms. Maybe I might if I end up going into those kinds of colleges. The colleges I know are pretty much "get in class, get out, go home" types. That, or the people I know are just those types. Oh well.
    :( we know how you feel. It's like this weight can't get off any slower >_< grr!


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