Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This ALWAYS happens.

I swear to God.

Every single time I meet a guy or possibly like him, he meets my friends and then any chance I had is gone.
I figured it wouldn't happen as much in college...
Apparently not.

Every single guy I meet becomes obsessed with my pink-haired roommate.
And yeah, I guess she's pretty.
But she's awkward and talking to her is kind of uncomfortable, and she really only cares about herself and her problems.

Fuck. I mean, I know I'm a self-centered bastard, but when people are and can't admit it...

She even made a blog about these guys that are obsessed with her.

I'm just going to give up on life and friends and being happy. Maybe if I'm skinny, all those things will happen.


  1. PLEASE may I have that URL. I would love to have a laugh! Dude, one way of thinking about it is that you wouldn't want to be with guys like that anyway. But as someone that had a best friend who constantly got all the attention, and even though she had a boyfriend she would make sure all the male attention would be diverted back to her if any boy would god forbid talk to her fat friend, I hear that. :( :(

  2. This may come out wrong, and no disrespect to the pink alpha dragon, but ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? The reluctant alpha female. Are you serious? How do you live with that. I mean it's one thing to be 'so hot' that you have men fawning over you, but to make a blog dedicated to how awesomely hot and powerful you are. I am speechless. Wow. Wow and Wow.


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