Sunday, September 4, 2011

Today, in college, I ate...

-1 FiberOne Bar
-About 1 cup of cottage cheese
-About 1 cup of mandarin oranges
-1 apple
-One scoop of cotton candy ice cream in a cone
-2 Capri Suns
-2 peanut granola bars
-1 Domino's Cinnamon Stick
-1 bag of Lay's barbecue chips
-1 bag of peanut M&Ms

So, basically, too much.
Maybe I'll eat less once our mini-fridge comes in... Wait.
That's completely ridiculous logic.

I missed you too, Heather. <3


  1. :D <3 yay
    secret: i ate more than you today D:

  2. We all eat a bit more than we should yesterday. Me as well sadly enough. >_<
    Ohhh. 98lbs as a goal? I'm sure you'll make it, my dear. ^__^
    We're with you all the way, Charlie.

  3. Idea! When you get your mini fridge, fill it with fruits and veggies and low fat dairy (cottage cheese, Greek yogurt or regular yogurt, maybe milk, ect) and when there's extra space, put water or other low-cal drinks in there so there isn't room for junk food. When you go buy groceries (fruits and veggies) again, you can take out the water and low cal drinks and put them back in to fill up space. If you share the mini fridge with someone it won't work out as well though.

    But you can get back on track. You just have to get adjusted to the whole college lifestyle and figure out what foods to keep around and everything.


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