Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Too much, not enough.

It's about hot-as-balls degrees here where I live today. Of course. The day I decide to go outside for a run, the bipolar weather decides, "Oh, I think I'll take a break from being cold and rainy in MAY. It's almost June, so I guess I can start being warm again."

Gee, thanks.
I ran maybe 10 minutes? That's probably an overestimation. But I had to do something. I had one and a half packs of Pop-Tarts this morning (I threw away the rest, I was so disgusted with my fat self). That's about 570 calories. Plus the two Blow-Pops I had, plus a few handfuls of sunflower seeds (I'm addicted to them, but there's so much fucking salt in them). Which brings the daily total up to about 740. Disgusting.
Guess we're not eating dinner tonight. And by we, I mean "I". Maybe I'll work out again later.

Daily Thinspo
(Natalia Makarova, possibly my favorite ballerina of all time. She is positively amazing.)

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  1. Makarova really is positively amazing :)

    Don't fret about today. I'm sure tomorrow will be better.


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