Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(Partially) Successful Fast Day.

I had nothing but coffee (one tablespoon sugar, two tablespoons milk) until around 2:45, when I had a small Vanilla Bean Coolatta from Dunkin' Donuts. Went and got my hair cut and deep-conditioned, then went to DD again and got a sweetened iced tea (this DD's Coolatta machine was broken... Assholes). I was doing good, doing well, when my mom got home, with a giant box of Lindt chocolates.

"Oh, these are for your graduation party."

Are you fucking kidding me.
So I went to the damn store and bought a fucking six pack of Snickers. Ate three, purged as much as I could, and now my stomach's rumbly and pissing me off.
Not to mention I'm about to get my period (about three weeks late, by the way. Does that mean I'm doing something right?), and I'm on antibiotics to get rid of this awful fucking sinusitis.

The purging fucking sucked by the way. I drank water all through my binge, because I know how chocolate can get when you're purging it but Jesus Christ, this was the nastiest, sludgiest purge I've ever had. The only one I can think of that was worse was probably the egg noodles in chicken broth. Oh well, it's out now.

Daily Thinspo
("Oh, just washing my car in a bikini, because I'm thin and beautiful.")

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  1. Haha I love your comment for the picture. And yeah. Chocolate's get to me to :/


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