Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tomorrow is a new day.

Today, I had about the equivalent of one largeish chocolate chip cookie, a veggie burger with bun, A VitaminWater, ketchup, mustard, maybe 10 french fries, and a small chocolate soft-serve in a cone with rainbow sprinkles. This is too much food.
I am fat.
Fat fat fat fat.

The guy who served our ice cream was kind of cute. And naturally, I looked like shit, in baggy sweats, flip-flops, a staff shirt from camp, with my hair not done, and barely any makeup.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm fat?
I need to start drinking more water, so maybe I'll stop bingeing.
To go along with my new exercise plan, I've devised a new eating plan.
I'll eat five times a day, 100 calories each. That way, I'm eating 500 calories a day, but it will be interspersed so it will feel like I'm eating more.

Going to try to fast tomorrow, probably won't work out, as usual.

Daily Thinspo
(Her ribs are so gorgeous, as is her hair.)

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