Saturday, May 28, 2016


Oh, you guys are just being silly now! Nothing you say could ever possibly offend me. The nice thing about comments from people you know very well but don't know in real life is that any kind of concern or anything always feels more genuine. Maybe that's just me.

After a long, cold, rainy spring, the weather seems to have decided to cooperate. It's been sunny and beautiful the past week, pausing only for some brief showers and thunderstorms at night to cool things off. I even managed to get a baby sunburn yesterday, which is always a good thing.

My family and I are out at the lake this weekend, which means more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors... And I am here, in my room, online, because I don't feel like taking a shower. (insert hysterical laughter)

Really though, I am planning on getting a shower once I finish this and check my email. I'm gonna pull the kayak out and clean it off, then head over to camp and see if there's any work to be done over there.


  1. I think that's Sam's influence on my. She always starts/ends comments apologizing in case she said anything offensive. I just worry some things I say/my warped sense of humor can be taken the wrong way online.

    I miss the warm weather, and winter hasn't even officially started yet! We've got max forecasts of like 15°c all bloody week.

    Showers are a pain. I kind of have this idea that EDs make showering difficult, but everyone's too shy to talk about it. The few times it's been talked about openly on here, it seems a lot of people struggle with regular showering. I might have to write a post on it soon.


  2. I love kayaking!! I hope you have a lovely time <3


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