Thursday, December 18, 2014

Today, I Ate Like a Fat Pig

What I Ate Today

1 bananaBreakfast105
1/2 Fontina grilled cheese (Panera)Lunch420
1/2 mac and cheese (Panera)Lunch490
3/4 bag of chips (Panera)Lunch120
1 medium iced green tea (Panera)Lunch130
2 glazed donuts (Dunkin')
1/2 medium strawberry Coolatta (Dunkin')

I actually feel like complete crap today. I'm sick again. My mom thinks it's the flu. Who really knows, though.
So, needless to say, not feeling good = shitty food to try to feel better.
Staying awake sucks. I'm gonna try to sleep some more. Wish I could find the thermometer.

1 comment:

  1. hey, Charlie, dear.
    I love you, and you know what? I think I haven't said it, so i'll say it now. I love you. I love you a lot.
    dude, all you ate was totally sexy. I approve. so it's okay to overindulge on them.
    and hey, sometimes, you overeat when you're sick and you don't gain weight. maybe it's one of those days. shhhhhh <3
    I remember there's that post you made about eating a grilled cheesus with tomato soup from your old blog. it makes me happy remembering it. that, and I remember you when I think of dino nuggets. and my girlfriend. though my dino things are actually like broccoli&potato things. <3

    -Sam Lupin


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