Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Things that still boggle my mind.

I think I dwell on the past too much.

I need to stop looking at pictures of myself in high school.
My GOAL is to lose 100 pounds by May. That's about 5 lbs a week, and would bring me to 130 lbs.
Yeah, I weigh 230 pounds. Just shoot me.
I'm starting now. I told y'all that I'm trying to completely stop eating junk food (like candy and fried foods and chips, etc.) I have an unhealthy McDonald's addiction. I have an unhealthy chocolate addiction. I have an unhealthy food addiction.
My mother is under instructions to not give me or buy me any candy or sweets or unhealthy food. The fridge is stocked with plants to eat.
I don't want any of it.
I want to stuff my face with mac and cheese, chocolates, ice cream, caramel, cookies, anything except this gross healthy stuff in my house right now.

I used to live on salads. I used to eat lemons for lunch. What the freaking hell was wrong with me? Also, I'm kind of addicted to reading my old blog posts, from my first blog.
It's like reading an entirely different person's life.
I was HYSTERICAL, by the way. Also annoying and pathetic, but pretty damn funny.

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  1. hey, sweetie.
    I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE ADDICTED TO MCDONALDS. damn. sometimes, I just crave that sexy Mega Mac (4 patties, 3 pieces of bread - I always order it plain, and I always take out the middle bread. so it's more like 2 patties on one bun with nothing else. CHICKEN NUGGETS)
    you still are by the way. and I still love you. and I still reread both blogs. I reread that one and I reread this one afterwards. because I still see the same person in both... oh, and let me tell you: I used to live on salads too. but I can't anymore. I can't eat a salad. it's too unsavoury. too..."why the hell would someone do this to themselves" when I can just have ice-cream and mac and cheese and chocolates and ice-cream and cookies
    also, I love both. <3

    -Sam Lupin


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