Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rush Week.

Rush week so far (yeah, it's 4 A.M. Wednesday morning... We aren't even halfway through yet!) has been absolutely amazing. I had my second informal party tonight, with the sorority that, from the very first day, I have been in love with. It exceeded my expectations and more. I had some really great conversations, and the girls are just so nice. I'm going to visit one of them who lives on campus and has a basset hound tomorrow! I'm so jittery now though, I'm really nervous. I want a bid from these girls so bad, I even know who I would want as my big. I have one more sorority to visit tomorrow, and then it gets scary. From there, we go to preference parties.
Well, we hopefully go to the pref parties. These parties are invite-only, with a greatly decreased number of rushees attending. Even just getting one pref party invite would make my week. But I really want an invitation from these girls. I really want a bid from these girls. I'm so afraid to say it out loud, I'm afraid I'll jinx it. I know I just did by posting this. Goddammit.

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