Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I didn't follow through completely on the eating today.
But I restricted more than I have in a long time.

So I consider it relative success. Now it's time for bed.

Also, there's this guy that I think is really cute who lives in my building. And I thought he was nice, but I've introduced myself five times and the kid still doesn't know my name. I always say hi to him and use his name and smile. All I ever get is a "Hey." No smile.
My friends and I were hanging out in my hallway and we were talking about the new hot transfer students that we now have, and one of my best friends mentions how she saw him today. Another girl that I don't really talk to that much asked us who we were talking about, so we described him to her. She looks at me and says, "Ohh, I know who you're talking about. You two would be so cute together!"
To which I responded, "Uh, no. He hates me. Can't even remember my name."
She threatened to go bang on his door and yell at him for not remembering the name of a "beautiful girl."

All I can think about is how he's so far out of my league and how fat I am.

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  1. Fucking douchebag. But then, maybe he is just bad with names. :-/ Xo


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