Saturday, February 25, 2012

I have this awful friend.

She knows about my issues with eating.
She knows everything from the bingeing to the starving to the purging.

She knows she's thinner than me, that more guys want her than me, that when we're together no one even looks at me. They only look at her and her giant tits.
And all she talks about now is how she "needs to lose five pounds before her next photoshoot," because people made mean comments about one of her sets.
People. On. The. Internet.
Who have no real basis in real life.

Not only that, as we're eating dinner she goes, "I'm like obsessed with my collarbones..." And starts like pushing them out. "Like, on the pro-anorexia tumblrs, because I had to do research for a project," (UM BULLSHIT YOU DID, FUCKING CUNT.) "I see girls with their collarbones out and I laugh because I'm fatter than them and I have better collarbones."

And she really wonders why I never hang out with her anymore.

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  1. She sounds really insensitive and triggering. Have you told her how her words make you feel? Or could she possibly have her own issues around food?


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