Friday, February 10, 2012

A change.

I no longer have long, dirty blonde Rapunzel-hair. The daughter of my assistant camp director was obsessed with me last summer because of my hair, and because she loves Rapunzel.
It's still long. But now it's Ariel-red.
I love it.

Along with my hair-change, starting next week (as in Sunday), I'm beginning my effort to get back to restricting and working out (I say Sunday because tomorrow evening I'm visiting a friend at her college, and man, shit gets crazy at this college).
Ironically, the last time I was intensely restricting, I was also a redhead.
I'm a big believer in fate.

I was very scared to dye my hair. I wasn't entirely sure why, but I figured it out. For those who care, read on, for those who don't, skip to the next paragraph. When I first started camp, I was blonde. Camp helped me in a way that nothing else ever has. I was not mentally stable at all. I was coming off of six months of intense restricting and weightloss, and I found a safe haven where everyone liked me for ME, not because I had lost weight and was "doing/looking/whatever great". I think the long blonde hair became a security blanket for me. I was terrified to do anything, lest it change me back into Crazyperson McGee. Now that I've dyed it, I feel powerful. I feel like I can do anything. I feel like I can lose forty pounds in three months.

Right now I'm making Skittles vodka. It's delicious. I wish I knew exactly how many calories were in it.
I think I'm going to start a new blog too, on Tumblr, to document my progress. What do you guys think?

Stay strong, beautiful girls. I know you are.


  1. Ohh red sounds sexy :P Change is good! I admire you for that realization. That's pretty awesome. Another Tumblr! haha I joke. You know I'll follow you there, too! <3

  2. charlieeeeeeee. i'm sure you'd be a fine texting buddy. email me your number. or email me for my number. pretty please?? stay strong, sweetie. i'm so jealous of your hair&i haven't even seen it.


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