Saturday, November 19, 2011

Broke as fuck.

This is kind of a good thing, because it means I can't buy food.
This is kind of a bad thing, because it means I can't buy weed or pretty things. Or weed.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I love you.
@Ever; Anonymous ranting accounts don't bother me. This is an anonymous ranting account. My real name isn't Charlie. My real name isn't even close to Charlie. But when people who know the person in real life can see everything that person is writing, I start to question that person's validity.

Third show is today and my skin is a mess. I can't even wash my face without it burning. But I'm going to be late, so this has to be a short post.
My weight is edging close to 200 pounds... This is really scary. And nothing I do seems to be working. Find the willpower, find the willpower...


  1. Hey!! newly following ;) I have just caught up on all your posts so far (I know you had another blog before this so I dont know the whole story) we seem to have sooo much in common!! I am 5"5.5 (i like to say 5"6 for a slightly lower bmi) and my highest weight EVER was 192pounds. willpower and self hatred - and being sick on and off got me to 161 pounds and now im back to a healthy 180. hate self hate life and am no longer even in uni to take my mind off it.anyhu really enjoy readin and hope u check out mine ...
    oh and believe me i used to have the biggest douchebag fake ass bitch friend whom i cut from my life. funnily enough she actually motivated me a lil as she HATED seein me lose weight!! keep tryin hun x

  2. iRelate. I have no money considering I'm planning to go to post-secondary school. You'll find the power. Maybe this is what you need. Sometimes people need to be at their lowest of lows before they can start moving up. At 5'6, my highest (that I know of) was 210. That was the point I decided I needed to lose weight. Hopefully your moment of realization will come a little sooner than that. I'm rooting for you anyway. You're always beautiful to me <3

  3. Ah okay. I never buy it when people do that either. They complain about all their problems but their first and last name is splattered all over their dumb tumblr. :/


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