Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Graduate School

Grad school has begun. Huzzah.
I am already overwhelmed and wondering why I decided to do this crazy thing.
I don't have internet in my apartment yet, so I have been squandering the data on my phone and traipsing around town to find internet. The free library is just around the corner from my apartment, which is nice (that's where I am now).
Campus, particularly the building I have class in, is a little over a mile away. I've had to walk the past couple of days because my car has been in the shop, but I just got a call that it is finally fixed! My mom is coming to pick me up tonight to go grab it before my class at 7:00.

I should be finishing my work for class tonight, but I keep getting distracted. I wish I had a couch to sit on instead of this hard chair.

I need to buy a ton of things (including a scale, or simply batteries for my old scale), but I am currently broke. Here's hoping one of the many job applications I've submitted pulls through. I need a paycheck again.

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