Thursday, January 12, 2012

Myself and Relationships: Part I

Through introspection today, I realized that I can not physically have functional relationships.
I think it's because I'm far too insane and fucked up to maintain any semblance of normal. And why would a normal person want a relationship of any kind with someone who should probably be committed? Therefore, my relationship options are:
a) People just as insane as me
b) No relationships at all

This is clearly why my romantic life is so prosperous.

I really do need a sarcasm font.

At lunch today, my friend (who I've seen once since coming back from break) says to me, "You look skinny! Have you lost weight?"
No, in fact. I haven't.
"Well, maybe you gained muscle and lost fat from running."
Yeah, that's probably it.
Then I went and stuck my fingers down my throat to maintain "skinny".

It's a weird thing, body image. In the mirror, I see myself as the same person from three or four years ago. Fat, awkward, covered in acne, pale, etc.
I can see the fluctuations in my weight in pictures (from my highest to my lowest weights), but I can't physically see a difference in myself.
All I see is fat.

Also, saw this on my Facebook newsfeed.
On Facebook?
Why would you ever post something like that on FACEBOOK?

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  1. Hi, just discovered your blog and I love it. And seriously, you should totally trademark a sarcasm font. That'd be fucking awesome.



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