Saturday, January 14, 2012

Last night.

It was... Interesting.
And drunk.

None of the frats were open, so we went to the bar. Around 11, there were five people (my friend, myself, and three guys). We were talking to the guys since my friend knew one of them, he bought us a few drinks. He ended up trying to get with me later that night, but he committed three grievous errors:
1) He called me a lightweight.
     First, I am not anywhere near underweight or short.
     Second, I come from a long line of alcoholics. Congratulations, man, you just insulted my heritage.
2) He told me that I was DTF.
     I'm pretty sure that I get to decide who I'm DTF with.
3) He TOUCHED my STOMACH. I don't even need to elaborate that one.

So I started talking to this other guy who my friend knew. And like, okay, for some reason, the guys I'm sexually attracted to are not necessarily physically attractive. They just... Exude sexual confidence.
He was surprised when he found out I'm a virgin. He said, "Where are you from?" I told him. "What, there aren't any boys there?" Well, yeah, there are... "Well are they blind or something? You're so pretty."

I like being called pretty.
Unfortunately for him, he has a girlfriend.
Unfortunately for me, he's a good person and is committed to his girlfriend.

Which, you know, I respect. I mean, he told me that if we hadn't been on a crowded bus, something might have happened. But he seems like a really nice guy. I haven't met one of those in awhile.
And he doesn't play texting games.
God, I HATE texting games. He texts me right back, and he even texted me this morning.

I'm still wearing my shirt from last night. He sat next to me on the bus and let me cuddle on his arm. He's very cuddly.
My shirt smells like him.

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