Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Went to the weight loss doctor for my second checkup.
According to their very fancy scale, I have lost 5 pounds of fat since I've started. Woo.

They put me on phentermine, which is an appetite suppressant. At first she told me that she didn't usually prescribe it to patients with a history of restriction, but since my patterns for the last few years have been bingeing and bingeing/purging, she decided she was going to.

She also told me I need to go to see a therapist or something.

I binged like a fuckwit last week, but apparently still managed to lose 4 pounds.

I don't really know what else to say right now. So, that's all.


  1. What? That makes no sense. Surely your doctor would realise that behaviors can return, especially with a medication that encourages restriction. Sometimes doctors frustrate the hell out of me :-/


  2. ^ Bella is right.

    it really does not make any sense.

    take care, my love. i really do hope that you see someone and i hope that one day, you'll have a healthy relationship with food because you deserve to. it's not nice being stuck where you are, especially since food is so necessary for daily living. it should be something as easy as taking a piss honestly.

    -Sam Lupin


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