Friday, March 25, 2016

Shopping Spree

It seems like I'm either spending my money on food or spending my money on things.

But I'd rather spend it on things than on food, I guess.
Day at home (Good Friday = Day Off) means lots of time on the computer. This is my last purchase, I swear.
I need a hobby that doesn't cost money.
Running doesn't cost money, but running hurts my shins. Maybe when I lose 60lbs.


  1. This is me. Whether it's food or things like video games or sewing bits 'n bobs, it is impossible for me *not* to spend money. I'm sure I could spend a decent amount on running - shoes, clothes, fitness trackers, fancy water bottles, apps...


  2. Walking is the best! Like running it's free, will help with weight loss & would not hurt your knees or any part of your body.


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