Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day 5

Day 5 of my no-carb, high protein life.
@Sammy, I know you were worried about the no-carb leading to bingeing... Surprisingly it hasn't yet. I have cheated a little bit each day (because I'm an asshole), having like a berry or two, or a pretzel,  a couple jellybeans, but nothing binge-worthy, and most of the day I'm actually pretty full (get's a little hairy around dinner time, but that's because I hate waiting for food to cook hahah).

(All of the following information may be incorrect. I am not a dietician or nutritionist, this is just how I learned it)
The way my nutritionist explained it to me, is that per gram, carbs and protein have about the same amount of calories. The difference is in the way your body digests them. Carbs get digested really fast, spike your blood sugar, and give you a really quick energy boost. Protein, on the other hand, is a little more difficult for your body to digest, and is more of a steady energy burn throughout the day.
So I eat high protein (at least 125g a day), and it's working pretty well, to be honest. I mean, it is only Day 5, so I dunno.

The eating every 4 hours is pretty easy, especially during the day. I have two different flavor shakes and two different flavor protein bars. They don't taste FANTASTIC, but they're manageable. I also have different flavorings I can put in the shakes. My favorite is peppermint extract in my chocolate shake, it tastes exactly like Girl Scout Thin Mints.

So anyway, that's my life.

Stopped my birth control because it was wrecking my face with horrendous acne. Seven days later, no active breakouts. Fuck you, Nuvaring.


  1. 125g a day is pretty spectacular. i'm on 80-90 for now but i'm also not low-carbing it and i'm trying to stay low calories to strip down just those few extra pounds of fat (hopefully this is not triggering.)

    can i ask what brand is this? i might give their products a go if they're high in protein and i haven't before. i hope you don't mind telling me!

    ah, the acne.

    i love you so much, Charlie.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Woo, congrats! I don't think I could ever go no-carb. I'm more likely to restrict protein for some weird reason.
    The digestion thing sounds about right, but you have to remember there's a difference between how we digest simple sugars (like jelly beans) and more complex, high-fiber carbs. Oh man, I'd be madly constipated on zero carbs!



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