Saturday, December 3, 2011

I've lost EIGHT pounds since Tuesday.

Even after a massive binge last night, I managed to stay at 183.4. I've almost lost ten pounds in a week. My hands are shaky, my stomach's growly.
I even managed to pull one over on my friend. That means I tricked her. Hahaha.
I wasn't eating much at dinner, and I told her that I'd been getting sick from everything I ate (which is true, everything I don't purge I've been having terrible diarrhea from). But we were going out drinking, so I scarfed down one and a half rolls, a baked potato, mounds of butter, eight or nine bites of this incredible chocolate cake, two cups of apple cider, four or five cheese cubes, an apple, and a strawberry.
Then I felt incredibly sick, so I went to the public restroom and purged.

Gotta say, nothing is more paranoia-inducing than sticking your fingers down your throat in a public bathroom.

So then, my stomach was empty. I went back to my room to get ready to go out.
Went to her room when I was ready, bottle of mango vodka and diet Sprite half empty. Had one and three quarters pieces of cheese, three Triscuits, and then we were off, with blue raspberry vodka, having finished the mango. Got drunk, ate Dominos, threw up Dominos, raided the vending machine, ate one Milky Way, Peanut M&Ms, sour cream and onion Lays, Swedish Fish, and Twix. Went to bed with a full stomach, slept until 2.
Woke up at the same weight post-Dominos puke. Rejoiced.

Now, it's 7:35 pm, I need to take a shower to get ready for tonight. I already purged dinner, so I'm comfortably empty. I'll grab some Triscuits just so I don't get completely fucking wasted.

I've purged nine times since Sunday.
This is getting out of hand.

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