Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spoke too soon

Last night, after 3 hours of sleep, 20+ hours without food and 12+ hours working on an intense assignment, I ate some pretty crappy food. Did you know that those personal-sized frozen pizzas are upwards of 600cals? That's just ridiculous to me. Almost ridiculous as the "1/2 pizza" serving size (so the food doesn't look like a total calorie bomb). I know portions, especially in the U.S., are ridiculously large, but it's ridiculous to think that half of this tiny ass pizza is a full meal.
I also got candy, and after two Reese's PB cups, one king size Snickers and five or six mini Milky Way bites, I was done. I thought I was gonna puke.
It's a crap ton of godawful food, but nothing compared to what I usually eat.

Today I am trying to recover from the lack of sleep, but not really succeeding. Love you all.

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  1. 3 hours of sleep is not good. with a combination of 20+ hours without food? dear God, love. you should take better care of yourself. both the sleep and food is worrying me.

    "I ate some pretty crappy food." if i slept for 3 hours and was working on a hard assignment and haven't eaten in that long, i would also eat some pretty crappy food.

    my full frozen pizza is about 800 calories. it fits a full plate. it does remind me of the Amy's pizzas with the half size. we write it down as per 100g for our local fare (which is almost like saying "idk how much you're eating of this but just so you know 100g is 200 calories". i looked it up. apparently, the nutrition is for 1/3 of a pizza.

    ugh you're making me have a hankering for an Amy's pizza now. even though whenever i have one, i'm not swept off me feet.

    "two Reese's PB cups" i think you've won my heart with that one. i've never had a king size chocolate bar before. how is the experience? (they sell them here. i just never buy them.)

    good luck. i hope you do succeed eventually. post sleepless night fatigue and drowsiness is blah.

    - Sam Lupin


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