Monday, March 27, 2017


Trigger warning: numbers follow

I've been doing pretty okay the past week. Things are kind of coming together as they usually do after I have several weeks of apathy.

I've been working on keeping my calorie count below 1500, preferably at 1200 per day. I have had candy only twice since last week (one king size Milky Way and one king size Snickers). Shockingly enough, I didn't even go over my calorie counts for those two days.
I'm down about three pounds, which is no doubt water weight, but it's nice to see the scale drop instead of steadily increase.

Last year from April to August, I lost 50lbs. I gained 37 of them back from September to March. I'd like to lose those 37lbs before I leave for my summer job (600 miles away from home).
I want my clothes to fit. I want to go into a dressing room and be surprised by how big things are on me, instead of struggling to squeeze my fat ass into clothes that are too small. I want to feel comfortable in jeans again instead of always wearing stretchy leggings. I want to feel comfortable in my professional clothes instead of t-shirts and sweatshirts and flannels.

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