Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Lately I've been feeling really slow and heavy and not like a real person.
And I can almost guarantee that it's because I eat like crap 24/7.
So I put together a little detox for myself that I'm going to try. It's mostly just eating fruits and veggies and drinking water. Essentially.
There are a few days in the detox (it's 21 days long) that are "free" where I can eat what I want, mostly because I'm either at home those days or will be heavily drinking those days. So, free days.

I've decided that if I miss a day or mess up a day, one of those free days will be replaced with the day I fucked up. Also, I'm starting today with just water to get myself in the mood.

And also I don't want to be this fantastically bloated for graduation. So there you go.


  1. Good luck with your detox.. Maybe add some green tea to it to get things going ;)

  2. Sounds good. Good luck. I may be joining you lol. It would be nice to have somebody to do a real detox with.


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