Thursday, February 5, 2015

Diagnoses and Jello.

So I have officially been diagnosed with "an infected hematoma on both sides" of my mouth. I have a large dosage of antibiotics. And more pain meds.

I've also managed to lose almost ten pounds since Monday (It's Thursday right now), because I've been subsisting on water, Jello, and the occasional bowl of chocolate ice cream.

But man, right now, I am STARVING.
So, I have a big bowl of jello, a bowl of chocolate ice cream, and a small bowl of shredded cheddar cheese (because, though I am on the mend, I'm still kind of unable to eat solid food. Maybe tomorrow. Oh God, hopefully tomorrow.

My mother has been a saint all through this. She heats up my heating pads and brings me water bottles, and buys me ice cream. I haven't even really been able to enjoy the ice cream, which is the shitty part.

Also, I have to miss the first day of classes, which bums me out. We don't usually have "syllabus week," my professors always like to dive right in, but missing the first day is so awkward...


  1. what a riveting title. I'm already cringing from here. doesn't sound like anything good.

    ouch. i'm cringing already. and I've just read the first sentence. oh, babe. I hope you're feeling a bit better every day.

    not sure if I wished you a happy birthday or if I was a sore loser and didn't - but happy birthday! February is one of my favourite months <3


    my lecturers also like to dive in, so deep in that within 2 weeks, you have enough lectures to go through to give you an aneurysm.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Aw shit :( Sorry to hear that. Are you okay? Are the pain meds helping? Right now I want to bring you ice cream and hot water bottles too.

    Feel better soon <3

  3. Ah that sounds just so painful :s hope you feel better soon !

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth. Having them out was the worst week of my life. I hope you feel better soon, and that you don't miss a shit ton in your classes.
    <3 Lee

  5. OMG, I just randomly decided to type in your URL (because I'm psycho and remember everything) and when I saw you were still posting I almost cried. Literally almost EVERY other blog I used to follow is gone, and I feel like we're the few originals still around (I had a blog for awhile, I think we talked, my name was Anne but this was like.. 4 years ago?? god.) Just wanted to share my happiness that you're still around and well and you will always have my support <3 stay strong beautiful


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