Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I haven't eaten since 1am.
It's almost 3pm.
I've had a lot of caffeine.
Not enough.
I'm dragging.

I know I need to eat something soon. We're drinking tonight, so I have to eat something. Maybe some rice.

I feel dizzy.
Not like the bad kind of passing out dizzy.
But like the good dizzy, like a really clear high.

So there's this guy. I've known him for five years, and I hooked up with him up until this past fall. He's had a girlfriend all five years I've known him.
We work together over the summer.
It's so stupid. I hate him, but I don't. He's one of my really good friends and I like hanging out with him.
But then sometimes we get drunk and hands and mouths find each other and things happen.
And then I hate him again.

Goddamn I need a joint.


  1. eat something, Charlie, gorgeous x pleaase?
    dizziness is bad. all kinds. bad.
    boys are stupid. :3 that is all.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. You and I seem to have similar patterns... self destruction... men that are bad news, but at least we've got something to smoke and make it all go away... XoXo


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