Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Finals week.

Pulling my second all-nighter in a row, for no real reason other than I can't sleep.

I finally tried Adderall. 10mg, not too much. A happy finals gift from my sorority grand-big sister. She gave me five and a half pills to get me through finals. I have one pill left, and I'm going to be sad when it's gone.

I've personally suspected for quite awhile now that I have ADD/ADHD. I'm going to talk to my doctor about getting tested this summer.
Also I love that it keeps me from fixating on food. And when I do eat, I get full really fast.

Not a whole lot new to report. My life is boring. Been smoking a lot of weed. Stole a grinder from a frat house. Best decision of my life so far.

Haven't weighed myself in quite some time.
I'm kind of scared to.

Also, it's funny, I just realized. I am three months purge-free. And it makes me feel really happy.


  1. it makes me happy too.
    good luck with your finals. we all need it to survive the bloody finals (weeks for me.) i finish on the 31st of May.

    good luck!

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Good luck on your finals!
    I'd suggest not to smoke weed but who am I to tell you what to do? I'm underage anyway.
    Don't be afraid to weigh yourself because eventually everyone has to face it.

  3. That's great!! Good luck on finals!


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