Saturday, December 22, 2012


I'm fasting today. I need a clean start, a clean slate.

Only water and black coffee. Water and black coffee.

Tomorrow I'm going to start something I used to do called the "Chemical Diet." I can't find the link that it used to be at. But I mean, I guess I originally found the damn thing about four years ago.

Jesus fucking Christ. Has it really been four years? One year of actual starving, three years of attempted starvation and lots of purging. Holy shit.

I need a new scale. I don't have one in my bathroom and it makes me itchy.
I'm going to make my mom get me one tomorrow.

Also I'm looking for diet pills to buy. Suggestions? Please?

Anyway. Chemical Diet. It's basically coffee. Essentially haha. I'm going to go find the Word document I saved it under.


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  1. That sounds like a diet I could follow. I can only drink but so much black coffee but it is a great appetite suppressant. Plus it speeds up the metabo.


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