Monday, December 3, 2012

Drunk and sloppy.

This weekend I got really drunk on Friday night.

I was.. well, I was white girl wasted. Let's be honest. I chugged a hard cider (way too many calories), did a double shot of rum, and had copious amounts of vodka and orange soda on an empty stomach.

I was having fun until I saw the guy that I like who's been really mean to me recently making out with some other girl.
Then I went to one of my friends, who is in the same fraternity as the guy I liked, and asked if I could have some of his vodka.

Of course I could.

Chugged that shit.
Ended up puking and seeing three of everything for quite some time.
I saved my sloppy for once I got back to my sorority house though. I don't like people taking care of me.
Saturday ended up being a food shit show involving Dominos.
Sunday ended up being a food shit show of leftover Dominos and candy.
And today ended up being a food shit show of candy and purging mashed potatoes.

Needless to say, my life is not going according to plan.

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