Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last night...

I had a bag of Cheetos and a Crunch bar.
Both of which I purged.

Things that stayed in my stomach yesterday:
-3 mini Kit Kat bars (not the fun sized, where there are two, but the mini single ones that are as long as my pinky) (126)
-1 cup of cornflakes (100)
-1 cup of almond milk (60)
TOTAL: 286
So, not great.

Today, I'm having a bowl of plain Greek yogurt with a packet of hot chocolate powder mixed in (220).

Hopefully, that will be all.

Thank you so much for your comments- They mean the world to me. <3
I am actually rushing the sorority again next year; a lot of the girls encouraged me to, and one of them I'm in love with. I want her to be my big, and she wants me to be her little. We're super awkward together. :)

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