Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Creative Writing

I have this awful creative writing professor.
She asks our opinions about things, and then tells us why her opinion is the right one.

Today she asked us to name three things that we think might be the root of all evil. We could be serious or funny, it didn't matter.
My three things were:
1) Humans
2) B.O.
3) Cheesecake

When it was my turn, she goes, "Why cheesecake?"
So I said, "Because it's so good... You just can't stop eating it..."
And she says, "Oh, and eating a lot of cheesecake makes you fat... Does anyone think that fat is the root of all evil?"
In my head: yes.
No one answers, and she continues about fat people and how she loves them. At one point she said something ridiculous, and I put my hand over my mouth and looked away, trying not to laugh out loud, and she says,
"Oh, no, I wasn't calling YOU fat, Charlie."

Because obviously, I am fat.

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