Sunday, January 29, 2017

It's been awhile...

And I'm sorry about that. Currently trying to get caught up on all of your blogs. Taking 15 grad school credits this semester. Working.

One of my friends is getting married in October. She found her wedding dress today, and afterwards we looked around at bridesmaids dresses.
Of the available dresses, a large, overstuffed rack of chiffon and tulle, there were a grand total of 3 dresses that were large enough for me to actually try on.
All of the other girls had five or six dresses that they tried on. All of them were too big for them.

I want to lose 80lbs by the October wedding (and my September dress fitting). 80lbs is doable. I did the math, and it works out to around 2.5lbs a week. But I actually have to maintain that for eight months.
I'm waiting as long as possible to put a deposit down on my dress, not because it's expensive (even though it is), but to see if I can lose any more weight before the cutoff date and maybe order down another size.
I am so fat.
On the bright side, I didn't gain any weight over the holidays.
On the not bright side, I've still gained 25lbs since August.

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  1. Remember that you can always get the dress altered to take it in or let it out if needed in the time between the fitting and the wedding. Given it's easier to take it in, it might be better to play it safe. God knows a lot can change in a month with EDs.



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