Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Confessions of a Cheese Addict

Have I ever told you all how much I love cheese? Baked, fried, plain, with crackers, on a sandwich, on pasta, etc.
I love cheese.

My mom found this sharp cheddar at the store that also has pieces of bacon in it. It is delicious.
A few years ago, my friend went to the Netherlands and smuggled back some of the most amazing cheese I've ever had. One was lavender cheese, and the other was coconut cheese. Fantastic.

There are 16 days left of the school year, 17 days left for me to work. My students aren't quite antsy yet, but I'm sure they will be within the next week or so. It's time to start wrapping up my life to move on to my next chapter.

It's kind of funny- if you had asked me in December if I would miss these kids, I would have told you, "HELL no." But now, it seems that we're all (mostly) at peace, and having a good time. There are a few of them that I will miss very dearly, but I think I can honestly say I will miss them all.

@Sammy, yeah, where I live it gets pretty cold, especially in the winter. My hometown was, at one point in time, the snow capital of the continental US. I wouldn't mind moving somewhere more temperate, but I don't think I could handle intense heat, especially without AC. I unfortunately don't have air conditioning in my house, due to the fact that my house was built in the early 1900s. My parents bought a window unit for their bedroom, back when my dad was in an accident and was mostly bedridden, but since his chemo and radiation last year, they haven't used it, because he still has a hard time regulating his body temp. I asked to put it in my room, but apparently it's too much of a hassle (insert annoyed face here).

@Bella, that's a really interesting connection about showers and EDs. I would love to see a post from you about your thoughts on that! Me personally, I just hate how much time it takes, and I hate my hair being wet.. I'd much rather be out doing stuff than wasting my life away in the shower!

@Niqi, I had a wonderful time kayaking in the sunshine! Thanks for your comment. :)


  1. lavender and coconut cheese? blasphemy. i didn't know how much i needed something in my mouth until now.

    "There are a few of them that I will miss very dearly, but I think I can honestly say I will miss them all." funny how things go that way, isn't it? i like that about life.

    i don't think anyone could survive here without an air conditioner. wonderful inventions those are. mine are nearly always open year-round.

    (insert equally annoyed face here for you and AC)

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Cheese fiend checking in. We used to do semi-regular trips down the coast to buy Warrnambool cheddar cheap. Bacon cheese sounds amazing!


  3. I know I'm majorly in the minority here, but I will never ever understand how anyone can eat cheese. I've always hated cheese--hate the taste, the smell, the way it feels (HANDS MUST BE WASHED UNTIL THEY BLEED), I don't even like the way it looks. In the supermarket, I have to run past the fancy cheese section whilst holding my breath because BLEEHHHH.

    Have you ever tried casu marzu? Case in point why cheese should be illegal.


    I bet you could get that air conditioner into your window. If I can do it, literally anyone can. xo


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