Sunday, January 10, 2016

Off the Wagon

So I had a really shit week last week at work. I won't go into details because honestly
a) I'm sick of talking about it
and b) with the amount of backstory it would take up, it would take me like an hour to write about it.

But anyway... Monday-Thursday was pretty good, eating-wise. I did have one too many bowls of cereal Thursday night, but that's because I was high as fuck, so whatever.
On Friday night, I wanted pizza. And then I noticed that Pizza Hut had a deal. $5 each for two or more of certain items. So I got a medium pizza, double order of breadsticks, and giant chocolate chip cookie.
It was delicious.
It also made my face break out pretty bad.

So I'm trying to get back on track again. There's no binge food in the house, and my parents are home again, which prevents me from eating whatever I want.
The dairy free was pretty nice though. Like, obviously it's pretty hard, because my mom eats cheese by the barrel and my dad uses whole milk for his smoothies (he's trying to gain weight, it's a long story), so I'm constantly surrounded by delicious things. Whatever. Soon enough I will be back in school and living in an apartment.


  1. i'm sorry about how shitty your day was.

    i'm hoping you can get back on the wagon soon. it sucks that dairy makes you break out so bad.

    i love you so much.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. If an extra bowl of cereal is the extent of the munchies, I think you did pretty well! My ex and I used to eat crazy amounts of nachos and chocolate biscuits before I stopped getting the munchies.

    Pizza Hut here have a limited edition Hershey's choc chip cookie the size of a pizza. Sadly my family prefer Dominos </3


  3. It's okay that you fell off. As long as you get back on track, that's all that matters. Pizza Hut's $15 box deal (Canada) is my guilty pleasure! LOL I buy it and eat it all by myself. But that's coming to an end, I had my last box deal last week. Anyway, you've been doing well and you get 2 thumbs up from me for that :)


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