Friday, October 26, 2012


It really makes me happy that people are still finding my blog and enjoying it and finding me relevant. I personally don't think anything I write has much merit, seeing as I am ridiculously fat, but you all will like what you like, I suppose. ;)

Turns out that why I haven't been eating lately is a nice, lovely case of mononucleosis. Oh, and strep.
Pledging is really sucking right now. We're getting into "Hell Week," which is the last few weeks where everything just starts hardcore sucking


  1. When I went through pledging and all that fun stuff, we didn't have hell week (I think because everyone was too busy studying -> engineering school nerds) but once you get your family and get through initiation, it's all worth it :) Btw, obviously I don't know if you're actually fat or not, but I sincerely think you're interesting.

  2. I like how your blog is short, right to the point and real. I love reading your blog. I am almost caught up.

    Wow I didn't know you were pledging. I am not sure I could handle that. You are awesome.


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