Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Roommate.

Direct quote from her blog. 
"So I’m sitting indoors with a coat on because I’m always cold.
I’m always cold because I have zero insulation.
I have zero insulation because I’m one of those skinny bitches everyone hates :D
This Marilyn Monroe thing I’ve been working on for comp has been seriously not good for my self esteem. She was like a size 8 and everyone is like “wow its so great that she’s a size 8 and she was so beautiful and omg girls today are skinny and trashy”
I’m a size 3… I can’t help it.
TL;DR Marilyn Monroe makes me feel bad about myself because I’m thin."

I'm sorry. I have no pity for you, you egotistical bitch.


  1. How is it possible that she hasn't been clubbed to death/trampled by some cookie hungry hippos. Seriously. If I were there i'd oblige happily. Unbelievable. Does she know you read her blog?

  2. Agreed. My roommate used to say things like that and then she magically gained 20 pounds....I think it was the fact that she incorporated 6 oreos into every meal..


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