Saturday, July 30, 2011

Haven't weighed myself in over three weeks.

I think it's a new record. I doubt I've lost any weight, but I have lost fat.
My butt's getting bigger from all the hills.

I need to start running in the morning. I did a few weeks ago, then my knee got fucked up.

I'm at home now, but I can't weigh myself because I've just consumed an entire bag of trail mix.

And K is in love with one of the new girls, who's seventeen (he's nineteen).

And whatever.

I had a skank moment last Saturday when we were partying at my friend's camp, hooked up with another guy on staff who has a girlfriend.

And whatever.

I have a total crush on one of the other guys, but he's only seventeen too. And I feel like getting involved with a high school kid when I'm going off to college is such a bad idea.

So whatever.
I'm very apathetic right now.

But camp is fun. I miss talking to you all. <3

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