Sunday, August 27, 2017

Long, hot summer.

It's been one hell of a summer, let me just start by saying that. I lived in a brand new state for ten weeks, and sweated my ass off, working at a new camp. I lost 26 lbs.
But that's not enough, of course not.
I need to lose more.
I need to lose more weight before this stupid wedding.
I think I actually conned someone into being my stupid date for this stupid wedding, how crazy is that?

School starts tomorrow. I have a job interview on Friday. So that's life right now. I love you all very much.

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  1. i forgot what you were studying! that is, if i've ever asked before and you've replied.

    are you excited for school?

    i love you so much. you are so smart and talented (you have such a way with words) and 26lbs is nothing to scoff at, madam. i love how you say it like you lost 2lbs.

    i hope you do enjoy yourself at this wedding. i'm not sure when it is, i know you've mentioned it before but i think someone with a heart as good as yours is gonna look good no matter what she wears. <3

    i actually love the TRX but me pass up a chance to call something a deadly contraption? *wink* i've only been taught how to do lunges with a high knee on it by my trainer, but it's so easy to get my heart rate up when i'm using it! i want to start doing more things with it but i want someone to teach me how to! we don't have TRX classes here :(

    yes, i totally got the sweet thing. you're sweet (sweet as in sweet, but also as in awesome). just saying. <3

    i love it when i hear from you. you honestly don't blog enough. but you're one of those golden bloggers who when they comment on your post, you're like: WOW.

    yes, it was a wonderful, memorable little vacay. :)

    - Sam Lupin


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