Monday, August 31, 2015

Living at home

Is the absolute worst thing in the world.

My dad has cancer whoop de fucking doo. He got his treatment and now he's recovering from that treatment, and because of that, my mom and I are constantly walking on eggshells.
Every time I try to talk to him or tell him about a job I'm looking at applying for, he always comes back with some rude bitchy with a rude bitchy tone comment about how "Why don't you apply for a job in the field you have a degree in?" "We put a roof over your head and food on your plate, so until you start getting a paycheck, you better start doing some fucking work."


I was talking to my mom about my resume, and her coworker who is going to help me fix it up, and he starts in with shit about, "You're 22 years old just fucking do it yourself."

I'm so close to just packing my car with as much stuff as possible and moving the fuck out.

I can live in my car until I find a job, right?


  1. Your dad sounds like a real joy to be around right now. I wouldn't take it personally.I can totally relate to your situation. Just focus on doing your own thing and making plans to set up your own life right now because in the end all that matters is the decisions you make from this point forward. Good luck and congratulations on finishing school.

  2. glad you are back, you beauty. <3

    Brigade seems to have some solid advice there and i'd have to back her up. though i'd imagine how my heart would seize up if he said comments like that to me!

    enough is enough sometimes.

    i hope that you're able to get a job so he could stop whining. i also simultaneously wish him well on his recovery.

    i hope you smile today, you little biscuit you.

    -Sam Lupin

  3. Man. I agree with the others here. No point making things harder for yourself. Maybe just try to involve your rents less and try to do your own thing. Dad sounds like a jerk, cancer or not. That being said, I'm sorry to hear about that. That can't be easy. I can't lie though lol, if it were me I probably wouldn't be able to maintain composure. You're a good kid. Don't let your dad get you down. You've survived so much already. Keep your head up.


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