Saturday, March 28, 2015


So today was an EPIC binge day (by recent standards anyway). What's weird, really, is that my binges now compared to what they used to be (especially back when I was purging) are pretty much nothing. I mean, they're certainly not NORMAL, but... And my daily food intake, while calorie counts are usually pretty high, for any other person would be pretty normal.

Today I Ate:
-1/2 pack of chocolate Necco wafers
-1 huge bowl (at least two cups worth) of Honey Bunches of Oats w/almonds and cashew milk
-1 box of Buncha Crunch candy (like movie theatre sized, the $1 boxes)
-1 box of Butterfinger Bites
-1 box of Milk Duds
-1 box of chocolate covered peanuts
-1/4 bag of Doritos
-1 turkey sandwich
-1 cup of barbecue chips
-1 bowl (whole box) of Jello

So basically a lot of food.
Gonna try to get back on track tomorrow.
I feel a little sick. I think it's the turkey sandwich. Turkey gives me heartburn.
Everything gives me heartburn.

I love you all very very much, Bella and Anne thank you for your comments. :) I'm gonna try to get back to commenting soon. I didn't really realize how difficult daily life is without my ADHD meds, and I left them in my room at school.
Also, I may be getting a tonsillectomy. Fingers crossed.
Love you.


  1. Yesterday I had something like a chocolate-only-binge. After dinner I craved chocolate so much that I opened chocolate box given to my mum by some patient and I made chocolate pudding. Too much sweetness for once...

  2. It actually doesn't sound like *that* much food. Neg the candy, I'm guessing it'd be a pretty normal cal count? Any one of my family could easily eat that in a day (chocolate included).
    Oh man, I haven't had Milk Duds in yeeeears. Stupid Australia and it's stupid expensive imported sweets.

    Yikes, I hope all goes well with the tonsillectomy. That means you get to live on ice cream all week though, right?


  3. ^Bells is right.

    i'd eat that in a day. i'd eat that in half a day.

    i don't like Milk Duds. i'm half-reading Bella's comment and half-trying to remember what you were talking about.

    i hope that you're alright. if you do get a tonsillectomy, i hope it goes well.

    bloody love you.


    -Sam Lupin


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