Saturday, March 22, 2014


So I think I was being a bit irrational last night.

Today it just looks like I bit my lip in a couple different places, or my lips were really chapped.
You know when you cut like inside your lip and it turns kinda white cause it won't scab over cause like wet mouth-y-ness? That's what it looks like. Like two little white lines, right in between where one of my teeths is.

But I'm pretty sure I at least have strep.
Appetite is starting to come back though. Kill me now.


  1. i'm glad. i can breathe.
    i wouldn't know i don't think i play around with my lips as often.
    i'd say that's awesome. appetite i love appetite. i hate not being able to taste shit. except i don't like much appetite. moderate appetite. i don't know? xD

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Thank goodness it was nothing! Glad you're getting better even though you're appetite is returning. I hate being sick- but I always love how nice the scale is to me after a really bad cold. Being sick can sometimes do wonders for your waistline! :)


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